About Me.

Why hello!

I guess you clicked over here because you want to know a few tidbits about me.

my name is sarah!

I am sweet tea drinkin' sassy mouthed red head who loves too hard and hates to be wrong. I am teacher by day and a reality tv junkie, vino drinking, DIY goddess wannabe by night. I am close with my family
and they are truly my rock.

I love a glass or two of moscato & a harry potter marathon. I also like teasing my hair
to high heaven and having a night on the town. 

I do have a pretty studly {IMO of course ;)} boyfriend who happens to be one of the best
things that has ever happened to me. He makes an appearance every now & again.

                                         Dave & I, he is pretty much always referred to as D on here though.                      

My mom, sister & I

this blog is pretty much ramblings about my daily life.
and anything else that comes to mind.
I love meeting new people so comment, email etc  I'd love to hear from ya :)

oh and there will be poor grammar and probably a few misspellings here and there
in my posts. It happens, if you are a grammar police this probably isn't the for you!


  1. Hi!! I've "met" you through Amy over at Keepin' up With the Smiths!

    I've nominated you!!

  2. Hey there! Saw your post on Bourbon and Glitter and thought I'd pop over to say hi! I'm an STL resident, so I liked the poster you had about the Cardinals =)

  3. Saw your post on Steph's blog and I had to come check you out because I'm a Missouri girl too! I haven't found very many of us. And it turns out you're only an hour away from me! So exciting!! Love your blog =)

  4. Saw your post on Steph's blog & had to come and visit!
    New follower! :)

  5. Was hopping through blogs and found you! Which I'm glad cause you seem like a lot of fun :) Following!

  6. My bff just moved from Springfield! Did you happen to go to Missouri State?

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog from a post you did on Bourbon & Glitter... needless to say you have a new reader because we seem to be a lot alike!

  8. You have such a cute blog! Found you through Green Fashionista! I will be following along for sure! I hope you can stop by and visit me sometime :)



I appreciate all your sweet comments, they truly make my day. I do my very best to respond to everyone who leaves a comment!

have a wonderful day :)