25 by 25

Okay so out in this blog world I have seen many bloggers have lists that are 30 by 30/101 in 1001. Basically it's a list of things they want to get to do before a specific date, ie 30 things by the age of 30 or 101 things in 1001 days. So since I a mere 23 years young, I made a little list of 25 things I want to do by age 25.

Some of these may seem silly or not a big deal, but it actually took me a while to write out 25 things and all of the items on my list are things I really want to do.

I will be 25 on July 13, 2014.

If it is crossed out that means it is done.
If it is italicized it is in progress
and if it is just plain ole' text, I need to get to work on it!

1.      Have my own classroom
2.      Lose 20 lbs
3.      Read at least (or more) 1 book per month (for 5 months 0/5)
4.      Get a smart phone—you may laugh, but my slider phone that doesn’t even get picture messages is VERY embarrassing
5.    Finish at least 5 DIY projects (3/5)
6.      Learn how to successfully curl my hair
7.      Get to the gym (or other forms of exercise) at least 4 days a week
8.      Meet new bloggers/comment more instead of just creeping on posts
9.      Take at least one photo every week, for one month, documenting something. OOTD etc helped me with this
10.   Get my very own fur baby
11.   Take a road trip
12.   Get another tat
13.   Try completely raw sushi
14.   Travel to the beach—any beach
15.   Put a portion of my paycheck in to my savings account every pay period. (without taking any from it) for 6 months 0/6
16.   Finish one scrapbook
17.   Shoot a gun
18.   Get a professional massage
19.   Visit the STL art museum
20.   See at least two shows at the Fox
21.   Go to a STL Blues game—I have never EVER been
22.   Attend a midnight premiere of a movie
23.   Play and FINISH a full game of Monopoly
24.   Spend an entire weekend watching all the Harry Potter movies and eating junk food
25.   Buy a designer pair of jeans

Do you have a mini bucket list?


  1. This is such a neat ideas, I think I'm going to do something this too. I'm a new follower and I thought I'd say hi! I found you on Allie's blog.

    feel free to stop by and say hi sometime!

    Allison @ All Things Allison

  2. OMG OMG OMG - Ok so if (when?) the NHL lockout is over - we should totally go to a Blues game! I am a huge hockey fanatic and I am dying without my hockey right now! But, if you've never been - yes we should go. :)

  3. Also, the art museum is pretty fantastic! :) I've never been to the Fox though.

  4. I LOVE your blog. I just discovered it today, and I think I've already read half of it. Also, you are exactly 13 days older than me, so that's cool. Can't wait to come back and keep reading!

    PS - The savings account thing is hard to get started, but I successfully did it, and trust me -- once you get into you will feel so good about having that money!

  5. Love this! I have a 24 in 24 List and it's so fun to see what other people put on their list. Good luck with yours!!!

    Pretty Little Things

  6. Love it! I'm just getting my blog going full steam, check me out!


  7. I've been clicking around your blog and love that you have a before 25 list! I turn 24 in January and have been thinking about making a before 25 list for the year! This has given me a few ideas! I can't wait to keep following along!


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