Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals

Is it really July 1st?? I love July mostly because it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH  :) I will be 26 on 13th and I am excited. Not for turning 26, but because i LOVE birthdays and summer!

I also need to start working on things for my classroom. Nothing too hardcore but just getting organized. I need to print a bunch of stuff and instead of using all my ink/my crappy printer I was thinking of going somewhere to have it printed (in color). BUT I have never done this before? What I need is a PDF file and I don't want every single page in the file, am I allowed to use a computer and print on my own or do they do it for you?

ALSO, i am in need a of a new blog design. I want something simple but in all honesty I don't wanna have to pay/pay a lot for it. I know,  what a cheapo. Any thoughts?

Okay moving right along.... As most of you know I love a good list and I love seeing things in print. It is something that works for me. Here are a few Goals I have for July

+ Begin on School organization and *fingers crossed* work in my room
+ Go on more evening walks at the park with D
+ Go to a Springfield Cardinals (minor league team) game
+ Finish at least one book
+ Get Sno Biz at least oncce
+ Focus on biceps/legs at the gym, build those muscles
+ Try at least 3 new recipes

What are your Goals for the Month?


  1. Look on Etsy for premade blog designs!! You can find decently priced ones that are super cute. :)

    I am excited for your for your birthday! lol - I need to come visit again soon. xo

  2. I went with Designer Blogs for my new template. $15 & the install process was fairly easy. I had a couple of questions & the lady was super helpful & responded quickly!

    I love birthday months!!

  3. I've used Erin LFF lately for design stuff and she's great to work with along with affordable prices ;-)

  4. Looks like you have some good goals! Check out Etsy for some great templates for the blog.


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