Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Monday friends!
There is still sunshine here in ole Missouri. I am so glad to have this sun because the last two weeks has been nothing but clouds and rain!

We are going to look at one of our venues today!! EEEK :) This one will be our top pick and we are so excited. I had a mini meltdown on Friday because originally we wanted to get married next June as soon as school was out for me...but EVERYTHING is booked. Like everything. Venues and Photographers are booked all next spring into June and July. WHAT??? So it's looking like late August/September will be when we say the 'I Do's' but I have come to peace with it & I am fine. Still pretty anxious about getting things  booked etc but hopefully within the next few days we will have things nailed down.

ONTO the weekending


I was up early sipping on coffee and working on a few clean up things on my computer.
I hit the gym for double cardio {Stairs & Treadmill}
OOTD--Shorts & Vneck from Old Navy 
Friday night I meant a few teacher friends for happy hour and then headed for patio date night with D. I got a turkey burger {sans bun} with the best fries in town.


D & I slept in and decided to take a rest day from the gym and then ran errands.
HOLY strawberries. We wandered into SAMs and for these gorgeous babies. They are so dang good!
We also HAD to enjoy the sun and laid about by the pool for a little while.
We binge watched Sons of Anarchy but took a quick sonic break for Green Apple Slushies with Nerds. {YUM!}


Sunday was of course Father's Day. We headed to the gym pretty early. My dad is in STL so after I called to wish him a Happy Father's Day we got ready & headed to lunch with D's family!

All the heart eyes for this boy.

After lunch we headed to his parents house for dessert and to hang out out

This cutie came over {D's neice} and we got to play with the little munchkin :)

That was about it. Hope you guys had a wonderful Weekend!

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  1. Isn't it crazy how far in advance venues/vendors book up?! I will never understand how some people get engaged and plan their wedding within a few months! We had a 16 month engagement, and were lucky to barely snag the vendors we wanted :-P

    Good luck with your appointments, can't wait to see what place you choose!


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