Friday, June 26, 2015

5 things {Wedding Venue}

Happy Friday!!

So I am about to head out to go run a few errands before this weekend get started but I thought I'd pop in & share my Friday 5 with you!


We picked our wedding venue!! EEEEK :) I am so so excited about it. I sent the contract and the deposit on Wednesday so I guess it is not official official until the owner signs in but she did write us down reserved our date which will be...

September 10, 2016

AHHHH :) I am so overly excited. It is definitely further out than we wanted BUT it just gives me more time to plan and save for our dream wedding. Here is a few snap shots I took while we did a tour. We will hopefully have an outdoor ceremony with the reception indoors. There is PLENTY of room/2 options for an indoor ceremony in case of bad weather.


We are about 3/4 of the way done with Orange is the New Black (we just finished episode 10) and I am not that thrilled with this season. One I find a lot of it boring, Piper is pissing me off more than usual (she is SUPER annoying this season) and then I was just really disgusted with episode 10 (the one mostly about Pensatucky) I know this is a show about women in prison, but I watch this show for enjoyment but I was pretty sickened by that episode...


Yesterday i was VERY productive and cleaned out my closet and dresser. I have so many things that are just too big that I repeatedly tell myself 'oh I can make this work' but in reality I cannot. They are just too big/not working for me. So I cleaned a BUNCH out. Some things are going to my sister and others I am going to try and sell to Plato's Closet. I know they won't take much (helllooo i used to work there) but I am gonna be on the side of town so I thought, why not?

That blue tote is FULL and that is just one stack going to my sister


I got ring back Wednesday from being sized but had to take it back yesterday because the diamonds are loose. I guess when you size down so drastically (originally a size 7, D got it size to 5 1/4 which was still to big and I had to have it sized to a 4) that the prongs are loosened, WELL they didn't tighten them back now i must wait a WHOLE more week before I get it back. I know it's totally first world problems, BUT I really want to wear it...


TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY WE ARE HEADING HOME!! I cannot wait to see my family (I haven't seen them since we got engaged) and I am SO excited!!

happy friday!!

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  1. CONGRATS girl on booking your venue and your date! That's awesome news, and what a gorgeous space!

    Happy Friday <3

  2. LOVE it!! And I feel you on the ring problems. I finally got my wedding band (I didn't know if I wanted one at first, and then decided 4 years in that yes, I do, haha!) and still haven't taken it to be saudered together. I've had it since November. I just don't want to part with it for any amount of time! ;)

    Your wedding venue looks absolutely gorgeous. An outdoor wedding looks perfect there with the little rolling hills.


  3. Hooray for a date and nice venue! You have tiny hands! I wear a size 5 ring.

  4. That is a lovely place for a wedding!

  5. What an exciting time! Congrats on the engagement and booking your venue. My ring is a 4.75, and it took forever for it to come in (we had it ordered in my size). I'd be impatient too:) I am only about halfway through the new season but I'm not rushing it because it hasn't been that exciting.

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!


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