Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Weekend of Summer

Good Morning Friends!

Did everyone have a great holiday weekend? I did, for sure. It flew by as per usual, and now it's already tuesday. I mean I literally feel like it was just friday morning! I am officially on summer break! (EEEEEEK) I am spending my first actual day of summer at home relaxing and cleaning.   I feel like our apartment is a disaster zone so i need to get that taken care of first! It is cloudy and suppose to rain (pretty much the whole week) so I am going to sip coffee, turn up some music and hangout at home today.

So here is my weekend. (I really slacked on pictures on Saturday & Sunday)


Last Day of School picture.
After school on Friday night, the local minor league team (minors for STL cards) was having Teachers Night at the Ballpark so D & I headed out. It was a gorgeous night!

This is my only pictures from Saturday (fail) But I headed to the gym early and then came back & got laundry going.  D & I headed out to get which which and then binged a little Sons of Anarchy. That is currently our new show (we finished the episodes of Scandal and are ALMOST done with New Girl on Netflix) and so far we are loving SOA, I do think some parts a little graphic for my liking, but I can look past it for now.

Saturday night Jen & I went and saw Pitch Perfect 2. AMAZING. If you liked the first one, go now! SOOOO good!


 I took ZERO pictures, but we pretty much did nothing.  We went to the gym, grocery shopped, watched SOA and then went to his parents for dinner. Just a nice & lazy day,

Monday (Memorial Day)

Finally a day of sun!! D, Jen, Cody & I headed to the lake. It was gorgeous. We laid out, grilled, ate watermelon & the boys played in the water. ( it was too cold for us). It was such a good day of relaxing and being with good friends!

How was your weekend?? Happy Tuesday :)

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  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! And yay for summer vacation and baseball games....jealous! Your cruise is getting sooooo close!


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