Thursday, May 28, 2015

Because of D

Last week Taylor posted about things she now does because of her fiance

I thought it was a great post (as always) and it got me thinking, what do I do now that I have been with D for so long...

How I roll chip bags. He is crazy OCD about that stuff. He literally gets compliments from everyone about how he rolls down chip bags or cracker bags inside the boxes. I always thought I was a fine roller, but alas I was wrong.

Coffee. I was never really a coffee drinker until we started living together. I always loved the smell & would get the occasional starbucks, but never make it on my own at home kinda gal. Now, everyone morning I have to or the scary Sarah comes out.

Antiquing. I never used to be a flea market/antique shopping kind of girl, until I met D.  Now we go all the time. We have 2 HUGE indoor flea markets in town and we go at least once a month so walk around and to look for 'treasures'

Tents. As most of you know D is a huge outdoors guy. Hunting, fishing, camping, whatever. Well for some reason, D does NOT believe in tents. Right, i know. HELL. But since being together I have not slept in a tent when we camped. (Luckily last time I got to sleep in the bed of a truck & NOT on the ground as per usual.)

Those are just a few off the top of my head. What have you began doing since  being with your significant other?

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  1. Can we have D teach my husband how to properly roll up a chip bag? That would be fantastic :)


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