Thursday, April 9, 2015


Look who has shown up for the FOURTH day in a row!

yeah, that is me.
HAHAHA, anyways I have been feeling my blogging mojo and already have a few posts planned for next week!

But since it is Thursday I am here to bring you another new thing I am trying to get healthier. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, one of my resolutions this year was to try something new each week to try to make myself a healthier person. I am posting these each Thursday.

Sometimes they are bigger things other times, they are something small. But each week I am trying to make myself a healthier person.

On tuesday night when I took a rest night from the gym (because hello, my apartment was a WRECK), I had finished all the dishes and was really thinking about my goals. I want to hit 50 lbs lost by the cruise, which is in EXACTLY 60 DAYS!!! AHHHHH! Well to do that I need to lose another 7-8 lbs, I have been stuck for the last 4ish weeks teetering between the same 2-3lbs and I need to change something.

I have mixed up my workouts and so i want to focus on my eating. I am not saying I eat bad, because I really don't. I am good MOST of the time, but when I am not sticking to a plan. I REEEEALLY go overboard. Portion Control, what is that?

Therefore I decided to download my fitness pal.

I am going to start tracking my foods. One it is a good responsibility piece because if I know I am going to have to log it, it will make me rethink what I am putting in my mouth. Two I love how you can track for the next day. Since I meal prep, I already know my main meals/snacks for the day so I can put them in. Then add anything additional I eat during the day

This was a sample of my day yesterday.

I logged errrrrthang.

Does anyone else track? I put in my workout as well, but my question is...WHY does it not calculate calories burned from lifting? Can i fix this? I know I burned cals when I did legs yesterday, but it did not come up when i entered my strength training.

Also, any other tips/tricks for using My Fitness Pal are appreciated!!


  1. I love MFP! It's such a good tool. Even for just getting a better idea for what I eat every day, and how many nutrients and such I'm getting. I realized I was eating wayyy to much salt.

  2. Love that app because it tracks your food intake and your calorie burn from workouts. But you're going to hate me for saying this, but you should stop eating those quest bars. They have sucralose in them (artificial sweetener) that your body can't digest and therefore can lead to weight gain and even diabetes or cancer :(

    And yay for the cruise countdown, so exciting!! You're going to look and feel fabulous for your trip :-D


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