Thursday, April 30, 2015



So i am here to share my healthy choices again this week. I know I have missed a few weeks, I have been making healthy choices BUT haven't had time to post.

Something i used to (and still do) struggle with is the 'excuses train'. I have gotten WAY better over the past year about being stronger than my excuses. However, sometimes they still creep in.

 'I am too tired'
'i have this and this to do'
'blah blah'

happen and keep from my workouts/healthy eating.

This week i decided NO EXCUSES.

Tuesday I had planned to go to the gym in the morning but my body knew better. I needed rest, so i didn't go before work. Then I had to tutor after school, get my nails done across town and didn't get home until after 6:30. I wanted to lay on the couch eat dinner and hang out with D. I could have easily said 'I will take a rest day tonight' BUT i want to hit the gym 6 days a week and I took a rest day on Sunday. (I count weeks Sunday-Saturday) and if i took another rest day it would have only been 5 workouts this week.

I would be letting myself down and backing out of my goals.

 I don't want that.

 So instead, I got home & threw on workout clothes and burned 750 calories at the gym and felt awesome. I am so glad I went. Instead of making a full on dinner for D and I, we just made something simple and enjoyed the rest of the night. It worked out.

No excuses.

How are you getting healthy this week?

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  1. I'm almost always really tired before I start my workout, but I always tell myself to get over it and do it anyway. And I'm so glad that I do, because I usually feel more energized afterwards. And let's not forget, no one ever regrets a workout ;-)


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