Thursday, April 2, 2015

Green Juice

happy thursday!!

This is really like my friday because I am off tomorrow! Yippeee :) I am so excited for this three day weekend and to see my family!

Anyways I am here to share the new healthy thing I did this week! A few weeks ago my friend Krysta mentioned this new juice by V8. It's called healthy greens. It is part of this new line of juices (well I do not know if it is new, but it's new to me) from V8.

Here are the stats for the line--

I picked up the healthy greens one (2nd from right)

It was actually surprisingly good. I think I expected a little more sweetness, but it was still yummy & I have a had a glass every morning this week! I think I am going to try Golden Goddess next!

Have you guys tried these? How are you getting healthy this week?


  1. Ill have to try this. I'm a little weary of veggie drinks but every time I try them, they're pretty good.Have a good long weekend!

  2. I have really gotta start "juicing". It's sooooo good for you, and this looks delish!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3


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