Wednesday, April 8, 2015

bandwagon 4

Happy WEDNESDAY my sweet friends!

We are halfway to friday...but legit i might not make it. I have been dragging so bad lately.. but i digress.

So last week one of my favorites posted this and I loved reading it so much, i obviously had to jump on the bandwagon and share a little bit more about me with you.

SO here is my bandwagon four post

Four of my nicknames
1. Babe (that is pretty much the only nickname D and I use)
2. Ginger (not that often)
....uhh that is really i can think of besides people calling me by my last name.

Four jobs I've had
1. I worked at Aeropostale for a time in high school (WORST JOB EVER)
2. Daycare teacher
3. Plato's Closet
4. Teacher now :)

Four movies I've watched more than once 1. Wizard of Oz (my all time favorite forever)

2. Remember the Titans (a VERY close second for my favorite of all time)
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. Little Mermaid (Like once a week when i was younger)

Four things in my purse
1. Wallet
2. 2-3 chap sticks/lip balms, because who has just one?
3. bobby pins (always at the bottom)

4. Receipts

Four places I've lived
1. St. Charles
2. Springfield


Four places I've visited
1. Gulf Shores, AL
2. Galveston, TX
3. Ocean City, MD
4. Memphis, TN

Four places on my travel bucket list
 1. Bora Bora

2. Greece

3. NYC
4. Brazil

Four things I don't eat
1. Peas
2. Blue Cheese
3. Raw Tomatoes (I like them cooked)
4. Any type rodent-- squirrel, rabbit (weird, but D is a hunter & has tried to make me)

Four TV shows I watch
1. All the Real Housewives, duh 
2. Orange is the New Black
3. Scandal (netflix still)

4. The Following

Four things to look forward to in 2015
1. The Cruise eeeee :)
2. Turning 26
3. Sweet Summertime, 32 more school days!!
4. Cardinals Baseball




  1. haha - I like that you put you don't eat rodents becaus before I got to "squirrel" and "rabbit" I immediately thought mice for some reason. hahaha. I'm weird.

  2. Yayyyy for your cruise! But we are the complete opposite with tomatoes, I only like them raw. They're too mushy cooked :-P

  3. Ohhhhh Papa Pope!

    I can't stand tomatoes, but LOVE ketchup!

    Just over a month of school left! You got this!


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