Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Goals

I cannot believe it is April already,  but then again I feel like I always say this...every month.

This year really is flying by. However, Spring is my absolute favorite, so I am soaking it all in and loving the freshness of the weather. (Minus all the rain)

So here I am again with my goals for the month. I won't lie. I didn't do great in March, but this is a new month and I am ready to get the ball rolling (even though it is already the 7th) and crush my goals.

I also would like to check in midway to keep myself accountable.

April Goals
  • Limit my 'splurges' to the weekend. Focus on good eating during the whole week
  • Incorporate core workouts everyday
  • Buy our luggage for the cruise (also find my carry on bag)
  • Try 2 new recipes
  •  Wake up by 5:30 3 times a week so i do not feel rushed in the mornings
  • Run 6.5 miles on one of my long Saturday runs
  • Send at lest 3 positive notes home for my kids at school who are doing what they are suppose to per week

What are your goals for this month?


  1. This year is seriously FLYING, I always say it too but it's so true! And look at you go girl with the running, I did a mile and a 1/4 yesterday and my chest was screaming at me :-P

  2. Oh, what core exercises are you planning? That's a great goal my friend!


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