Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Things I will never love

First of all thank you so much for all of your sweet words from yesterdays post! You guys are so sweet and it makes me so good that I have people that are happy for me. So for that I thank you.

Hope everyone had a wonderful St. Pats Day. I love to celebrate any holiday and dressing for a theme is my JAM! I live for that shiz. I of course wore a green dress and we did a few saint patty's day things in my room! Plus D and I went out to dinner for our anniversary at the place of our first date awwww :)

BUT now I am back to reality of a non-holiday day. At least it's wednesday which means only one more day til Friday and that is something to celebrate.

Alright on to today's post.

Now I love A LOT of things. Chocolate, wine, bravo..I mean my family, D, Friends... But there are also A LOT of things I do not love.

like at all.

These things include but are not limited to

-Cold Toilet Seats

-Socks while sleeping. HELLO my toes need to breathe

-Charlie Horses in the middle of the night, or really just in general.

-Putting my sweaty sports bra back on after I tan after my workout. Yes, I know tanning is bad. I know, I know. 

- Being allergic to avocado. I want to eat all the guac and also not look like an idiot for having to check and double check there is NO avocado in my sushi.

-Having to wash my hair. Sorry it's overrated.

-Chipped toenail polish, even though since i have been running/wear flats to work, my toenails are ALWAYS chipped. I hate myself.

-Will Ferrel. He isn't funny.

What things will you never love?


  1. Ah, you are allergic to avocado??? That's a major bummer!!!

  2. I hate socks! I try not to wear them ever, but especially not when I'm sleeping!!

  3. LOL at Will Ferrell my husband can't stand him either. And tsk tsk tsk on the tanning! At least make sure you practice safe sun on your upcoming cruise... sunscreen is your friend ;-)

  4. COMPLETELY agree about Will Ferrell (can not STAND his movies) and also…ahhh, avocado allergies!?!? SO SAD. I would also put "having to grab hold of the hand bars on public buses" on my sad list because every time I do it I imagine the germ-spreading scene in Contagion. ughhh

  5. I absolutely loathe washing my hair. Mostly i dislike being cold after the shower and having to blow dry my hair. Especially at night. I do disagree with the socks while sleeping though. I wear socks even in the summer. I'm always cold though.


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