Friday, March 6, 2015

My Friday 5


Welp the week is over and I have spent most of it at home because of the snow.
I did mention to be productive...sort of. I mean I blogged ALL 5 DAYS this week. WHHHHATTT??

BUT I am so excited for this weekend. D and I have plans with friends and there is SUPPOSE to be good weather! The snow can get out & bring on the sun.


okay onto my 5 for Friday 

1. This  cover by Ed Sheeran. I saw this on Melissa's page a while ago and I am still obsessed.

2. The weather for next week

I mean really, YES YES & YES.

3. Real Housewives of Melbourne. I didn't watch the premier last night, because well..Scandal on Netflix. But I did watch last season while I was running/doing school stuff yesterday and holy cow..these women. Anyone else watch/have thoughts?

4. I have crossed to the dark side. I have been drinking coffee everyday. I am a coffee drinker. My perfect combo- Black coffee, 2/3 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk & a tsp of agave syrup. I am obsessed.

5. This mani. I am channeling spring and my inner romantic.

Happy Friday Friends!!


  1. I've recently become a coffee person, myself. :) Happy Friday!

  2. I am so excited for weather above 50!!!

  3. That cover is AMAZING!!! Love Ed anyway. Thanks for making this my new obsession =)


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