Friday, March 27, 2015

My 5!

Holy Moly thank goodness it is friday.

Spring fever is in full swing with my 4th graders aka they are so chatty and are only thinking about recess and playing.

I get it.
me too kids, me too.

BUT it is friday and next weekend is a 3day weekend. (we have good friday off) and I am heading to see my family.

I can make it.

ANYWAYS it's friday so here is my 5

{1} I forgot my beloved Quest Bar yesterday (my usual breakfast in addition to my coffee and a fruit) So i stopped & grabbed a Cliff Bar on my way...NOT GOOD!!! I was so sick all day. My belly did not like it. As in AT ALL!! What is with me forgetting shit?

{2}Boot camp kicked my hiney Wednesday night! I am still sore two days later. But it's a good total body soreness, so I am okay with it.

{3} I have not straightened my hair ALL WEEK!! I have worn it in a low bun pretty much the entire week. I am not even upset about it.

{4} These.

i need this.

{5} We are already planning for concerts this summer! I literally cannot wait.

Flashback from a concert last summer with jen!


happy friday!
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  1. THe greatest thing about shaving my head...I DO NOT HAVE TO EVER FIX MY HAIR. Ever. It's amazing.

  2. Oh my gosh. I need that "All You Need Is Coffee and Mascara". So true! We have a three day weekend next week too! My 8th graders are being especially irritating. So it is going to be very welcome for both teachers and students!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. It does feel good to not worry about your hair for a while. I work at 4 am so I never fix it. Also I love cliff bars. I probably eat more than is healthy but I'm sorry your experience was no good! Have a great wekeend!

  4. You know I finally tried one of those quest bars last weekend at the beach, and I felt like there was a funny taste and much to my surprise the ingredients listed sucralose. I thought they were supposed to be so healthy, I was so upset!

    Yay for spring fever, it's time to get back outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and pretty pastels!

    Happy Friday <3

  5. No straightener for a week, that must be amazing for the health of your hair! Have an awesome weekend, stretch out your sore muscles!!


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