Monday, March 2, 2015

More Snow?

Good Morning Friends!

This is me currently. We got a lot of snow over the weekend, so school was out today. I am still sitting in 8:15.. yeah. Just sippin on my coffee.

anyways I am going to the gym and then to get my nails done soon, but before I get my life together, I thought I would share my weekend.

School So afterwards D & I had a hot date night at the gym then proceeded to snuggle on the couch and watched TV.

The snow started late friday and continued all day Saturday..but that didn't keep me. I walked over to the gym in the freezing snow and got my long run in :)

D & I headed to the mall and tried Moe's for the first time, not bad. But I think I prefer q'doba though.

Driving...hoping not to die..on the way home.

Saturday night OOTD, girrrrrl. HAHA :) Yeah we just binge watched Scandal on Netflix. #wildtimes


We got up early & headed to Walmart to get food for the week and ready for prep
I got this little guy that I have been eyeing for a little while,  I needed to try it out. Anyone else use it?

Sunday Selfie. It was D's dad's bday so we headed to his parents house to celebrate, so duh since I straightened my hair for the first time in days...a selfie was needed.
these two :)
D & his niece. I am obsessed.

That's all she wrote.
Happy Monday!

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  1. Honey lady! You need a warmer jacket and some gloves for that weather!!! Chills me just seeing you!


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