Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just like Usher


I finish up my parent teacher conferences today (which is why this is the first day i have posted this week). It has been long 12-hour days this week, but I see the light. I just gotta make it through tomorrow and then I have a four day weekend!


So anyways since it is wednesday and I love Melissa, I am linking up with her for Confessions today.

I confess has been so rainy and dreary that the fact that its suppose to be sunny makes me more excited than it should

.... I cannot wait to sleep in on Friday

..... 89 days til the cruise!! I have been stalking pinterest looking at what to pack and tips for people going on cruises! I am too excited!

.... I hate the word toenail. The thought of toe nails, especially boys' makes me instantly gag.

....While I am so excited for spring/summer the thought of actually having to keep up with shaving my legs actually exhausts me. Poor D.

What are you confessing?

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  1. I confess, I don't mind shaving now that I have no hair on my head to deal with. I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TIME TO GET READY! lol


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