Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Good Morning Sweet Friends :)

I am currently snuggled in my bed. Yes I took today off. I have an appointment later and D is working on my car. Its doing this screechy thing when I back up. Plus I have only taken 2 days this year.


So anyways I am really slacking on that whole goal of 3 posts a week. So is life...

Anyways I am here to share my currents

{loving} This LIPSTICK I am not a lipstick girl, mostly bc D hates the 'goop' but I want to be a lip stick girl and so I saw this at CVS, and i am in love.

{watching} Scandal & New Girl! We are obsessed and binging both on Netflix.

{drinking} This coffee. I tried it out (with my serving of almond milk and a TBS of agave) & I LOVE IT.

{wanting} The warm spring weather to stay! I am ready for shorts with hoodies. Love me some spring!

{excited} to head home for Easter this weekend! Except I am not totally sure if I will even be in STL or if we are heading up to see my sister. Not sure yet

{eating} A lot of strawberries. We got fruit at Sams this weekend and got TONS of strawberries! They are so stinkin good :)

{wearing} a lot of maxi skirts.  I wore all three of mine last week. I am searching for more :)

{reading} Blubber by Judy Blume to my students. Many of them are HUGE Judy Blume fans, so I wanted to read this one to them.

What are your currents?


  1. Congrats to you taking a day off! Sounds like a whole lot of magic!

  2. Yay for a day off! Sometimes you just need the day. And that lipstick looks fabulous on you :)

  3. Lucky girl, I wish I was off today! Also love that lipstick and maxi skirts. Hooray for spring!


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