Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Confessions {I have no self-control and more}

Welp it was in the 50's yesterday...and here i sit.
at home with yet another snow day. We are suppose to get 3-4 inches of snow and ice and since many of the roads where i teach are rural, ice doesn't bode well for school buses aka school at all. The sleet has already started

I'm over it. I am ready for spring.

Anyways I will be hunkering down and doing a little cleaning/organizing since I am stuck inside all day. Who knows I might even pop over to the gym...since I am little nervous boot camp will be canceled.

However, since I had a little time I thought I would share a few confessions since I haven't done one in a while.

I confess--

+That the cruise is like 97 days a way....and I may have eaten one too many Hershey Kisses yesterday.... what am i doing? I do not have self-control...

+That even though missing these days for snow, it was nice to sleep in a little and drink coffee/eat breakfast with D this morning.

+That I am already making lists of what I want to do in my classroom next yr and projects I want to work on over the summer.

+My gym selfie game is strong. #sorryimnotsorry Follow me on IG to find out @sarah71389

+I really need a new layout for this blog of mine. I need to be inspired.

+The rate in which we are watching Scandal is ridiculous on Netflix. We are obsessed.

What are you confessing today?

Making Melissa


  1. I tried getting into Scandal...more than once...but I think I'm ruined because a lot of the actors/actresses are from Grey's and I relate them to Grey's and hate seeing them as a different character lol.

  2. Scandal is the best!! Love it!

    I missed the cruise post, I think! Where are you guys going? Just the two of you?

  3. I'm sorry the weather has been so up and down, but at least you're getting warmer days mixed in. That means spring is coming ;-)

    You watching Scandal is like how I was with Mad Men last month, and House of Cards this past weekend. Bingefest.. woof!

  4. Your gyms selfie game IS strong. You could also say you have no self(ie) control! :)


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