Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A forgotten lunch

I was SO amped for my lunch.

Like so excited because it was left overs from lunch yesterday and the left overs included some of the best fish tacos with corn salsa I have ever had. Plus apple sauce ( i have been on an apple sauce kick lately)

I was amped.

Until I got all the way to school and realized that my my delicious lunch was 40 minutes away on my kitchen counter.

Happy Monday to me.

Anyways here I am on tuesday and I have actually had a pretty good day thus far. My coffee was on point and i actually remembered my lunch. I am resisting the chocolate in my kids candy box and dreaming (okay that is a stretch) but thinking about leg day and few difference exercises I want to try.

So i am going bring you my Tuesday Musings aka a ramble of thoughts in my brain.

11 weeks. that is how many weeks until the cruise....AHHHH :) I cannot wait. Literally I cannot freaking wait.

That also means 9 weeks of school until i am out for sweeeeet summertime! 8 more mondays, bring it onnnn.

This weekend we went to D's parents and his niece was there. I AM OBSESSED with her. It was so gorgeous out so we got to play outside and I could just eat her up.

New mani. I feel like this is the last time I can go dark before being bright & cheery for spring & summer. I am ready for the brightness though.

I need to clean my car. like yesterday. It is not necessarily messy, but it needs a major vacuum and wipe down.

Anyone else excited for Bethanny to be back on RHONY. I might actually watch this season..

alright that is all i got. what are you musing on?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I enjoyed all of this random, especially 11 weeks until cruise!! :)

  2. SO excited for Bethany to be back on RHNY! Hopefully it give it the turn around the show needs. If it weren't for I don't think I'd be watching! 8 more Mondays??? When said like that I can make it through the next 9 weeks. Yay for summers off- def a major perk of being a teacher! :)

  3. First of all LOVING your mani, your nails always look awesome! And second... I've totally done that before not just with my lunch, but also the cooler for the beach packed full of sandwiches, water, and beer. So upsetting :-P


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