Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well the snow rolled in.

The I should be at school. My four day weekend is over.
except now it's a 5 day weekend because we got snow Sunday & Monday.

a lot. So since I work in a district that has many rural areas, school was closed today.

SO here I am on the couch.
The roads were so bad that D got off yesterday, so we laid around yesterday thus no blog was up.

So here is my weekend recap


I got my Vday nails done in the morning. Then my friend and I went to Branson to do a little shopping and lunch. It was the last nice day and we really enjoyed it.

This is what I came home to when we got done shopping :) D was sneaky and came home on his lunch break and had these waiting for me! A little early vday present #mushy


We got up and headed to the gym to get in a Valentine's workout.  (true life: I have been slacking on my gym selfie game) I of course wore a bright pink shirt...like neon.

Then D & I went out to run errands and enjoyed the sunny day (it was was SOOOOO windy) but I treated him to a vday lunch
um hi, yum. Strawberry Hill Chicken Salad.

 D & I headed to our fave Italian restaurant for dinner. (side note---it was AH-MAZING)


I woke up super sick. Stuffy nose, extremely sore throat and a crazy cough. So i laid in bed all day. And when I say all day, I mean I literally got up for an hour to watch an episode of scandal (one of out new shows) with D, shower and then make a little toast.

that's it. The rest of the time I was sleeping, or just laying there. Not fun.

I felt a bit better. I had been taking some meds so my throat was much better but still stuffy nose and cough.

See my spirits are a bit lifted, mostly because D just found out he didn't have to go work.

D and I ventured out to Walmart to grocery shop and actually made it to the gym. It was SOOOO empty, it was glorious. I was still feeling a bit puny so inclined walked  for 45 minutes and when i say incline walked, holy cow..the amount of cals I burned just by having that incline was insane. I also did arms and shoulders. It was not my best/hardest workout, BUT it was something and I feel better knowing I went!

Alrighty, that is it.
How was your tuesday?


  1. loving the nails and gorgeous flowers.

  2. That salad looks amazing!!!!

    I wish today was a snow day for us. :( Sadly, I'm back at work.

  3. Happy Snow Day x2!! Love that nail color and also, that tattoo on your wrist! I don't know how I hadn't noticed it in pictures before, but I love it!

  4. Yay for a gym valentine date!! :) Hope you're feeling even better today!

  5. Love your gym valentines date! And your nails came out fabulous, such a pretty color :)

  6. What a great Valentine's weekend! Ya'll are so darn cute together!


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