Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekend Happenings

yes it is tuesday.
yes this is a weekend recap.

I am behind, I know. But this weekend was too wonderful to be sitting on my computer.
The weather was amazing, like I thought we fast forwarded 3 months to spring. It was incredible.

Usually my weekends fly by and i always think "wow, where did it go?" I of course wish it could have been longer, but it was just such  a great weekend & I got a lot done.

Was a looooooon day. SO after D & I went to the gym we headed out to dinner with a few friends. After dinner we went to a local coffee shop and played games.

Too cute not to take a picture of (Hazelnut latte)


We were up bright & early so I could get my long run in ( 5.5 miles--which i felt was pretty easy so I will be upping my speed this weekend) and then headed out for a day of running errands.

I treated D to lunch at Chili's. This grilled chicken sandwhich is off their 'lite' menu and was SOOOO good and so filling.

I also may have spent WAYYYY to much at Ulta.

Saturday night was a chill night in. I worked on school stuff & snuggled with D. I am still OBSESSED with those Dole dippers. 100 cals for chocolate covered bananas? Sign me up.

D & i slept in. It was glorious. We took a break from the gym and decided since the weather was unbelievable we would go hike. We drove out to some conservation land. It was gorgeous.

I also shot  gun for the first time. I was scary, but great. D said I actually did pretty good :)
I cannot wait until it is actually spring and there is green trees and grass to look at.

That is it!
How was your weekend? Do you guys have good weather?


  1. That hazelnut latte looks too pretty to even drink. Lol

  2. Coffee shop games are so much fun! What ones did you find? Look at you with that gun!! haha

  3. That hazelnut latte looks amazing! Almost too pretty to drink :)

    Glad you had such an amazing weekend, getting out and enjoying nice weather after a long winter is the best.

  4. in the least psychopathic way possible i really, really, really want to shoot a gun.

  5. OMG, that food from Chili's looks amazing!!


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