Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breathe. Rest.


Well i'm sick.
well was sick, but feeling better actually.

I have always heard people saying 'Listen to your body' 'Rest when you need to' blah blah. and I am over here like "girl, I have never get sick! Like ever"

because I don't. I will get tummy issues or a headache but as far as colds, flus, etc---I don't get them. Until I did.

and it sucked.
a lot.

I mean HELLO I have a cruise to go on in like 110 days and I do not have time to be sick. I need to be grinding at the gym and burning those cals because I have to be in a swim suit. I do not have time to be on the couch.

BUT, uggggh. When I end up feeling 3593877 x worse after going...that might be a sign.
So I took a rest day. or two this week. I was not happy about it by any means. I was cranky and felt like missing a day I was going to slide backward and not get that bikini bod I want. I beat myself up about it.

yeah I  am crazy. But that is how my mind works. I had to tell myself that missing the gym one or two days was not going to send me spiraling backwards. I needed to rest so I can make the most of my workouts in a few days and not prolong the sickness.

So my 'healthy' choice this week was to rest. My body really needed it and now hopefully I can get back at it and kill those workouts!


  1. You definitely need a rest day when your body is trying to fight off an infection or sickness! Get well soon sister! You have plenty of time to heal and do some damage in the gym before your vacay. XOXO

  2. Yes!!! Rest days are GOOD (as long as every day isn't a rest day). I have to take a rest day this weekend because I feel something coming on. My body aches and I'm a little congested. So, rest day it is! Love you & hope you're feeling better!

  3. I'm so glad you listened to your body and got the rest you needed, feel better soon *hugs*.

  4. rest rest rest! i've been focusing extra hard this season to stay well because the germs that go around an office are unreal. you don't always have to go to the gym for that workout - maybe treat yourself to 30 minutes of peaceful stretching and your favorite warm sweatshirt & fuzzy socks!

  5. ugh, I feel like this is the winter of non-stop sicknesses for me. Seriously, like every.other.weekend. It's probably my own fault, though, for hanging around little kids so often, haha. Hope you feel better soon!!!


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