Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 on Friday

I'm WAHOOO it is friday.
and I am off work.

yup this girl has a 4 day weekend. In my district we don't get a 'spring break' week off. We get a 4 day weekend in February, March, and April. Which is actually fine by me!  It's not like I am going anywhere so, having a 4 day weekends to look forward to each month is wonderful.

I am sleeping in then heading to the gym. This afternoon Krysta and I are heading to Branson to do a little shopping! I am so excited, plus it's pay day.


anyways I am here to share my 5 on this wonderful Friday

1. These bad boys.

I picked them up and I am obsessed. I have loved Lara Bars for a while, but this flavor is perfection.

2. This tumbler!

I am obsessed. One of my girls in my class gave it to me for Valentine's day.

3. I did it. I wore shorts to the gym.

WHAT? uh yeah that is a #NSV fasho. (granted i did stairs, there was NO running in shorts...but shorts at the gym is STILL a big deal)

4. There is only 115 days left until the cruise :)
AKA I need to stay away from all the candy I got from our Valentine's party.

5. The weather. Today is suppose to be the last nice day for a while! Accumulating snow is in the forecast for monday/tuesday... maybe we will get our first snow day? I am honestly to the point that I am past wanting one so that we can get out earlier in May.....but that is just me. ;)

have a good friday friends!!!


  1. Love that tumbler, so cute! I hope you have a great valentine's day weekend :)

  2. That tumbler is amazing... love! Happy Friday gurlie, enjoy your long weekend <3


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