Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

Good Afternoon friends!!

I am a bit late posting because I had a very busy morning and forgot to schedule this post.
but better late than never.

i had a really great weekend actually. It went a little too fast, but it always does. The weather (except for yesterday) is incredible here. Sunny and in the 50s. I am loving it, but i am still craving a snow day, JUST ONE!

Anyways here is my weekend a la photos


Dave & Cody had boys night (aka mexican and bass pro) so i settled in and made dinner for one and watched youtube vids. I didn't have the best day so i was fine in my sweats just relaxing and headed to bed early. I also proud I stayed on track with grilled chicken, broccoli and a red potato for dinner. I could have ordered take out and justified by telling myself I was having a bad day, but i didn't. #nsv fasho.

Jen & I were up and at the gym early. Got a 5.5 mile run in (my freakin treadmill shuts down at an hour which pisses me off because I could have run a lot longer) then I headed back and had my protein. (see link, i am looking for helpful comments/suggestions)
D had gone hunting so i came back and after I showered I cleaned up and watched a little youtube.
After D got  back we ran errands and went to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (basically people can buy from this store of all donated house items and the proceeds from your purchase goes toward Habitat for Humanity) and we got a filing cabinet.
q'doba. ummm HELLLLLLO delish
Meal Planned, this is literally one of my fave things to do to relax. I am weirdo.
Saturday night we had a double date night with our friends Zach & Krysta. ( and i had to document D wearing his cute glasses eeeek)

I was up early because poor D was puking. He had an awful headache so laid around a good portion of the morning. Then i headed out to get grocery shopping gone
Got to the gym in the afternoon. I haven't had a Sunday workout in a few weeks and it felt great being there.

UMMMMM have you tried these???? 100 cals for the whole pack.
go get them.

and that's a wrap.
how was your weekend???


  1. All that food looks DELISH! And you totally inspire me with your early morning Saturday workouts :-D

  2. Why does your treadmill shut down after an hour??


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