Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Skinny Taco Salad {Recipe}

So I'm here to share this recipe that I just threw together. We are a Mexican food loving household! So instead of getting greasy fried and calorie laden dinner I made this.

Skinny Taco Salad.
-1 lb of lean ground meat (I used deer meat which is very lean, but chicken or turkey  works perfect
-1 bell pepper
-1 onion
-3/4 can in corn
- 1 can of pinto beans (blank beans are great)
- shredded lettuce
- shredded cheese
- 1 package taco seasoning


Left down & then right down 
1. Cut peppers & onions into bite size, not too small pieces
2. Sautée for about 5 minutes (I sprayed a little Pam before I put them in)
3. Add ground meat in same pan & brown at medium heat
4. Add seasoning (my package said to add 3/4 cup water as well- just follow package)
5. Stir all together. Cook at a slight boil for 15 minutes, add corn about 5 minutes before it's done.
6. We put it over quinoa ( we added the beans on top because they didn't fit in the pan) but you can do whatever you want. 

Then just layer ingredients  & enjoy

Finished product :)

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  1. LOVE taco salads!! I got my hubby the tortilla taco bowl thingys for his stocking and we have used them 2 times already. haha. It's so good and you don't have to feel guilty!

  2. YUM! This will probably be on a weekly rotation in my house :-D

  3. This looks absolutely delicious!

  4. I loooove tacos and taco salads, but I've never made one at home before (well, besides my pathetic cooked beef on lettuce haha). The idea of the beans and corn in it sounds great!


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