Thursday, January 22, 2015

Protein on Protein

So as I said here and here I am going to start trying to do one healthy thing a week. Now of course I am doing more than one healthy thing, BUT one NEW thing to better my health and wellness. Some weeks it might be small, some weeks it might be bigger.

who knows.

For this week I tried something NEW.

I started taking protein. Now I have been eating quest bars for a few months but I wanted to up it. I lift almost every day in the gym. I feel like I am not seeing the results that I want. Of course diet comes into play, but i have really cleaned that up (with a few indulgences here and there of course) but I want to enhance all the work I am doing. So I thought i would try protein drinks out.

I went to GNC and asked for recommendations. Of course the guy pointed me to a 50 dollar container. That is alot, well for me. Especially for something I am not 100 percent knowledgeable on. So I passed (for now) and went to walmart and picked this up.

So my question for you, is what are your thoughts? Is it really worth the 50 bucks? Or will this be okay for what I am wanting. Keep in mind I am not trying to bulk up nor am i trying to train for a bikini show etc. I just want my muscles (specifically in my arms/shoulders and back) to be more pronounced and to show the hard work I am putting in while lifting.

I am still really new to this fitness game and do not know all the ins and outs. I do not want tons of supplements or anything with Advocare (sorry I am just not wanting that right now---no ads please). I just want some opinions of people who have been in my situation.


  1. This is awesome! I've been incorporating a lot more weights into my workouts as well, and feel this may be the extra little oomph I need. And you know.. I still haven't tried those quest bars! I need to get my butt into a GNC and pick some up :)

  2. I think you honestly just need to try a few out and see what works for you. I tend to buy store brands and they work for me. Good luck!


  3. I am not an expert on protein powder either but I always buy my protein powder from HyVee (not sure if you have these stores in your area, might be a midwest thing?). They make their own & it is low carb/sugar which is something you should look for. Some of those protein powders can add a ton of sugar in one scoop!


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