Thursday, January 8, 2015

One Step at a Time

So as part of my resolutions I am challenging myself to do one new healthy thing a week. It can range from big to something small. I want to try new things to make myself healthier and to do that I have to branch out of my comfort zone.

I am thinking about making this a weekly thing. I want to keep myself responsible and dedicated. I also would love if other people posted their own healthy actions or left comments. This way I, along with others can get ideas. I don't want our resolutions to die.

Anyways onto my healthy 'thing'. These can be fitness, food, anything related.

This week. I have challenged myself to plank.

Planking is a great a whole body exercise. Planking sucks, duh. But I know it can work wonders. My goal is every day i workout ( I have 5 days scheduled) to plank 4 times for 45 seconds. Yes I know that is not that long, but I gotta start somewhere.

So far I have fulfilled my goal and have planked each day I have made it to the gym.

What healthy think have you done this week?


  1. Love it! I have this is why we plank to the "This is How We Roll" song in my head now :)

    We hold a plank for a couple minutes at the beginning of each Barre class, and it's definitely making me stronger. Get at it gurlie!

  2. uhhhh legit I was going to post that poem in my next blog post. Great minds think alike :)


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