Thursday, January 15, 2015

All the Broccoli

So I am back again to share one thing I did to make myself healthier this past week. Now of course I have done many other things but I am picking out one conscious choice I made to be a healthier person this week.

last week i shared about planking. I planked all but one workout last week! (it was after my 5.5 mile run and I honestly just totally forgot, I didn't skip on purpose).

So anyways this past weekend D took me to lunch. We headed to Applebee's (he loves the fajita burger and was craving it). I knew I wanted to make good choices (hello I just ran over 5 miles and didn't want to ruin it) so I ordered the Chicken Fajita Roll up (sauce on the side & no cheese). The lady asked if fries would be okay. Normally I would say, "yup!" This time I stopped and asked if there was another option. She listed off a few other side I could have which included mixed veggies.

I chose the veggies.

I ate all the veggies and one half of the wrap.

Getting healthy isn't going to be done in a day or one month. It is going to mindful and conscious small choices that build off one another.

What healthier choices are you making?

** I was thinking if anyone was interested that is, would anyone like to do a link-up/blog hop on this. I think it would be a great way for us to stay motivated and check out other people's healthy choices etc and to support each other---let me know**


  1. Oh a link up sounds great on this topic! I would even help co-host if you were looking for help! I tend to blog about making better choice in health and wellness :)



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