Thursday, December 11, 2014

Haters gonna hate

This is going to be a bit of a rant.

okay maybe not a rant because I am not necessarily angry.

It is more of something I have noticed.

So I started working out and changing my diet about 11 months ago. I have had ups and downs and have been a lot more strict during times and more lenient during others. However I have been working towards a healthier me for a while.

Since that has happened there have been people in my life who have had comments to say. Many are really good. I mean better than good, great. I have amazing supportive people in my life. D and my parents top the list. D pushes me to go to the gym when I am feeling lazy but doesn't make me feel awful when I want a little extra cheese or a scoop of ice cream. My mom didn't get upset when I brought healthy foods to Thanksgiving break and didn't get mad when I chose to eat a pre portioned salad instead of the meal that was made. Plus countless comments across social media have made this journey amazing and made me feel supported.

 To them and many others, i give thanks because without them i would have had way more road blocks.

However, there have been other kinds of comments. Nonchalant, petty, jealous, and even down right rude comments.

I think whenever someone changes something about themselves especially their lifestyle, people who knew them pre-change have their own thoughts. Some of those are positive others are negative thoughts. People say things, and yes of course they have the right to their opinion, but when those comments are to be rude or to put down something positive...i ask, what is the point?

Some things that have been said to me--

'Oh of course miss healthy is ordering a salad/veggies/chicken etcc'

'Well we can't all be healthy here like Sarah'

'What are you treating yourself to? Celery?'

*posting a fitness/gym photo or selfie* 'Just pulling a Sarah'

'Yeah yeah we know you went to the gym this morning, but i got to sleep in'

*eating something unhealthy* 'yeaaaaah, we will let you be healthy'

'Oh just skip the gym, you already went this week. Make me feel better about not going'

While the actual words are not 'hateful' the tone can say it all.

these are just a few that I can remember.
I get it. Not everyone wants to be so concentrated on what they put in their body and their working out. I get it.

I think a lot of people make the majority of comments like these absent mindedly without trying to be malicious. They are not meaning to hurt my feelings or get under my skin which is why most of these comments do not bother me much.

However, there are those make comments to tear me down. To make me feel like I am being annoying or not doing what I should be. Not everyone has the same goals as I do and that is totally fine, but why put down mine? If you don't like my instagram fitness photos, don't follow me. It's that easy. Or if you don't want to seem me order a salad, don't ask me to lunch.

I think there is jealousy involved. Now I am not some self absorbed whore bag who thinks people are jealous of her, blah blah.  What I mean is jealous of progress. I have made progress. Not huge leaps and bounds (probably because of my affection for ranch and chocolate---not together but in their own separate deliciousness) So many people want to get healthy and lose weight and I have. So instead of facing their own issues they want to make off handed comments to me.

that pisses me off.

well it did.
I am not choosing a new route. I am not longer letting comments malicious or not get to me. I am brushing that crap off.

instead I am going to focus on me and let them focus on me if they want or themselves. that is their deal. I want to build others up and help others with their own journey.

which brings me to the end of this post. YOU.

If you are working towards a healthier you, LET ME KNOW!! I want to be there for you. We can swap recipes, workouts, cute fitness apparel or just motivation. I love following fitness IGs and feeling like I am part of this fitness family. I want to continue that feeling to others.

/end rant.


  1. I don't understand why everyone can't be supportive of each other. :( You know I support you!!

    I've been working on being healthy and working out more. I do at least 30 min of cardio a day...most days I add more to that workout. I also eat as healthy as I can (kind of hard since I'm currently staying at my parents, but I do what I can). We can support each other!

  2. Girrrrrrl, you look great! And you're totally right -- those people are probably just jealous that you've made progress. Maybe one day they'll actually want to make a change, and then they'll understand. Until then, you're just gonna have to brush off the haters.

  3. Good for you sister! You have worked SO HARD and don't you dare let any little comment make you feel bad. You deserve all the praise in the world because a healthy lifestyle commitment is not an easy one to make. People used to say those things to me too back when I was in my zone and had lost a bunch of weight. Now honestly, they make comments in the other direction of an ugly nature about me gaining weight back. But either way, we won't let them bring us down!

  4. Sarah, you should be so damn proud of yourself & the progress you've made! You said it all in the title of your post "haters gonna hate". Let 'em. Who cares what they think. {I know sometimes easier said than done.} You just keep doing what you're doing! Go girl!

  5. Ohhh girl this post couldn't have come at a better time.... the past few years I've slimmed down to my healthy weight as well and have now started working on building some muscle tone. While I still splurge on the weekends with the enjoyment of food and alcoholic beverages, during the week I watch what I eat and work out regularly. And I get the same snide comments as you down to even what I'm wearing. It's exhausting and I shouldn't feel guilty for trying to be healthy. I feel your pain gurlie, and all I have to say is you look FANTASTIC and keep doing your thang! :-D

  6. Haters gonna hate. YOU DO YOU! YOU GO SARAH. FOUR FOR YOU.

  7. HECK YES, GIRL. I remember people making similar comments (but never quite as malicious...) when I started to be healthier. People still mock that we eat primarily organic or unprocessed. Most of the comments came from other teachers during lunch time in the lounge, or friends who would come over for dinner. Haters gonna hate. That's okay. Keep doing what feels best for your body and a healthier you is better than one that gives in to every craving or chooses junk food.



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