Monday, December 8, 2014

Fake Fur & Presents

Ohhhh Monday. You always come too early. #twss

This weekend was very low key. Productive & quiet. Which is just how I like it. It was mostly D and I getting stuff done and napping. Wild crowd I know. Well pictures can always so better than I can.


Starting my friday off healthy &trying these for the first time. Verdict: eh..
We are doing secret santa at work and this was the first day :) I have a good one!

We hit the gym then ran errands. This was my ootd. Vest- F21, shirt- Khols

Saturday night D took me out to one of our favorite Steak houses. It is a little on the pricey side so we only go there once in a while. It was fun to get dressed up and be out with my man. We also drove around to look at the lights after dinner. I was feeling extra festive.

When we got home we put together our gingerbread house. I think it turned out too cute. It is currently sitting on our dining room table.

Slept in and it was glorious. We were such bums. I did meal prep-- Buffalo Turkey burgers and turkey tacos.
I did reading lessons plans too.
eeeek and we started wrapping presents. We ran out of tape and tags so we had a late night walmart run. and yes I was that person, in a sweats and an oversized sweat shirt.

at least i had on a bra and was not wearing slippers.
at least..

How was your weekend??
Is anyone else is full blown holiday spirit??


  1. Love your gingerbread house, I haven't gotten around to making one yet this year but it's one of my favorite traditions :)

  2. wow, you guys are on top of it! So many wrapped presents already. I was feeling pretty good that I had finally gotten around to ordering one present… ;)


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