Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Happenings

So, I might be sitting on the couch listening to D cook sausage and biscuits. I might have taken today off. Now I do have 2 doctor appointments, so its not all fun and games BUT sleeping in until 8:30 was AH-MAZING. We are going to get errands done later and hit the gym early before all the monday people show up.

Since I have a few extra minutes I thought I would fill you in on my weekend


OOTD, love jean fridays. Shirt is from Gordmans. I LOVE it.
Snack time. I have been loving the Lara Bars.
D & I had a wild friday that included meal plan and grocery shopping. Look at all the produce :)

We also had a Hunger Games marathon since he got me tickets to go opening night :) Oh ya know just an apple, dark chocolate chips and a bit of warmed honey for dessert!

We were up bright & early for the gym. UH YEAH THAT WOULD BE A FREAKING 10K without and stops that I did :) It was awesome and I am so proud of myself!!!

That afternoon we went to wingapalooza. Which is basically this big event where you go and sample all kinds of wings from local restaurants! It was a blast!
Saturday night was girls nights :) Dinner and downtown. It was so fun. I am old thought because I was home WAY before midnight!


D was out hunting so I cleaned the apartment and organized a few closets, did dishes etc. Then I watched beauty videos. This is my new guilty pleasure. I love it!
Sunday night was spent at D's parents and lots of snuggles with this beeb :)

Have a great monday :)


  1. YouTube is my newest guilty pleasure. I'm actually obsessed with Zoella.

  2. Even with appts. hope you have a great day off! And can I come shop in your closet please?

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who screen shots my story on Snapchat ;-)

    And a Hunger Games marathon sounds like the perfect night in, I may have to steal that idea!

  4. A sampling of different wings? Sounds heavenly! Also: looove your watch!


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