Monday, November 24, 2014

So I have the whole week off..

yeah I do.
We got the whole week off and I AM SOOOO not hating it. I have already been to the gym and showered..and it's 9:30 am. Who am I???

& I am actually writing this post on a monday!What?!

anyways here was my weekend. I didn't take too many pictures


We were surprised with Sonic drinks since it was our last day before break and just a little oooomph. Sweet tea, per usual.

D and I also had date night (which I took zero pictures) but he took me to see Mockingjay part 1 at the fancy theater. Basically its a 21 and up theater that holds about 30 -40 people. They have recliners and then they have servers who bring you dinner.

amazing. just everything :)

Killed my run, 6.2 miles done and done.

EEEEK we went xmas shopping. We were looking for a tree and can we talk about how EXPENSIVE they are??? We finally found one at Target for a under a hundred.  BUT EEEK I am gettin in the spirit. I love it all...and want it all.

D's sister was in a play so we went to the matinee with Jen & Cody. After we were starving...well I was starving. So we got mexican, and duh margs.

OOTD, Shirt from Khols, and scarf from walmart
It was super rainy and gross but D & I had a few other errands to run so it was comfy clothes for moi.
A litttle too much ulta.. :)
& UHHH love this new phone background. Friday, yeah that is gonna be slapped up on my phone.

Anyways, if you are at work have fun, only a few more days :)

Happy Monday Dolls!

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  1. Holy crap...a tree under $100??? That's crazy expensive!!! I got my tree a couple of years ago for $30 and it was pre-lit!

  2. Wow I find you so inspiring! How on earth do you get in AND out of the gym before 9.30 am! Good on you! :)

    Aniqa Dreams

  3. That movie theater sounds heavenly! Enjoy your week off :)


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