Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How I feel about the gym {In gifs}

Okay so most of you know that I have been on the health train for a while and got my gym membership about 9 months ago. I love my gym. It is cheap and literally so close that i can walk. HOWEVER, even though I have seen results and my stamina and strength have is still a struggle.

almost every day.

So here is my normal gym thought GIFs, duh.

6am-- man I feel pretty thin right now, (probably because I haven't eaten in 8 hours) the gym must be working so I am totally going to kill it at the gym tonight.

12:20: Didn't get in the candy box and stayed on track with my snack & lunch. I got this..

1:30: Mid-Day blues..exhaustion is setting in...How I am I going to get enough energy to go to the gym?

4:30: Finally leaving school, ready to get home and hit the gym! I got this! Feeling motivated!

5:15: Made it home, kick of the shoes and make the wrong choice.
Sit on the couch.
 D comes in and says 'Okay, Ready for the gym?"


5:30: D is now becoming impatient and pretty much dragging me out the door

5:40: I see the treadmill

5:45:I suck it up and start to run. Getting into my run, I am feeling it, feeling strong

6:10: Realizing I still have a mile left

6:45: Done with workout and ready to head to the door

6:50: walking into my apartment after killing it. DAYYYUUUM look at dem guns.

so it's not all peaches and cream. 
but gotta do what i gotta do.

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