Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dear Little Girl,

I have seen these floating around blog land last week and I think it was part of some blogtober maybe. I thought it was a good idea and so now you have today's post.

A letter to my younger self.

Dear Sarah,

Stop! Full Bangs do not work on you. EVER. Don't let mom tell you it will be 'cute' because, honey, it won't be. Go ahead and skip that high school statistics class. Starbucks and an extra 30 minutes of sleep is worth it because you won't EVER use it. Well so far anyway. That girl that you can't possibly forgive, you will. Your heart will mend and you will practically forget why she hurt you in a few years, just forgive her now and save that friendship. It will be worth it. Let go of that other friend. Some people are not meant to be your friend forever, and that is okay. I promise.

Don't be so nervous about college, it will be great. You will pledge a sorority and those girls will get you into a lot of trouble, BUT they will also be your best friends and help you have the stories that you have. GO TO THE GYM. Do not wait until sophomore year to start working out, do it now. Oh and keep it up so you don't lost a bunch of weight and the gain it back four years later and have to start over at 24. That sucks,

You do not HAVE to go out 4 nights a week. Stay in sometimes. Don't drink and drive EVER. Try sushi when your friends ask you the first 463789 times. You will love it and will realize how much you  have been missing out on.

Moving home will NOT be the worst part of your life. It will only be for four months and YES subbing will pay off. You will get a teaching job and it will be wonderful. The hard work and the waiting will be worth it.

 DO NOT drive to Springfield EVERY weekend for him. Do not put him first because he will never put you first. Stop being needy and letting your happiness depend on him. He is still going to break your heart, but I promise you it will get better. SO much better. You will meet someone just a few months after those days where breathing was hard, let along getting dressed. He will be your match. Your soul mate. Just wait for him. It will be the best thing that has ever happened to you and you will appreciate him so much more because you were once broken.

Also, he will love you. So much that it will almost seem like he loves you more than you love him. We both know that won't be true. Be patient with him and remember he is a good man and will not ever hurt you one purpose. Love him and be slow to anger. He is a boy, he cannot help but be ornery sometimes.

Also, go to the gym. STOP skipping the workouts or eating those fries because you think 'ehhh one won't hurt'. Because you will run 6 EFFING MILES one sunday and it will all be worth it.

You are going to do just fine.


P.S. Sparkly belts and body glitter really aren't the top fashion choices, maybe don't spend your allowance on them.


I appreciate all your sweet comments, they truly make my day. I do my very best to respond to everyone who leaves a comment!

have a wonderful day :)