Thursday, November 6, 2014

Currently //November

Can I get an Amen that it's Friday eve? I am so glad that it is almost here because I have lots of fun things planned including girls night downtown which has not happened in AGES!

I feel like this week is flying by! I love weeks where I stay busy all day and they don't seem to drag! My students' music performance is tonight. It will be a long day at school. 7am until 8:15pm or so...but I cannot wait to watch them! They are too excited.

Okay onto my currents since I have been slightly absent around these parts..

{Watching} The Black List on Netflix and of course Bravo, Vanderpump Rules started Monday!!

{Drinking} LOTS of that H20

{Listening} This song is my fave right now

{Excited for} Wingapalooza this weekend with D

{Thinking} I am SO ready for my three day weekend!

{Hoping} Snow days might be in our future soon

{Reading} James and the Giant Peach with one of my reading groups. We are almost done and I am kinda sad its almost over.

What are you currently doing?


  1. I LOVE that Blake song. Been listening to it on repeat for weeks! Lol

  2. NOooooo - I hope snow is still far off! Last week we got flurries here in Chicago and that made me remember how miserable it is to stand at the bus stop in the freeeeeezing polar vortex cold. :p

    That snowman is adorable, though…

    Also, Roald Dahl was my FAVORITE author as a child. I still own about a half a dozen of his books (and can't wait to have kids, just so I can reread them out loud over and over!)

  3. YES to drinking lots of water... the only downside is how much I have to pee :-P

    Enjoy the concert with the kiddos tonight!

  4. k but i really want to see you make that snowman (unless you did and then i LOVE)


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