Monday, November 3, 2014

A weekend recap on a Monday?

I think mondays are always harder when you have had such a good weekend. Anyone else agree?

So obviously since it was Halloween weekend there had to be costumes and beverages. I mean..right?
I am trying to get my blog mojo back. I have a few post scheduled for the week so I am excited to get it going.


My kids did a mummy competition during our Fall Party, how dang cutee??? :)

Mine & D's costume. A hunter & his deer.
The girls. Deer, Babe the Blue Ox, & Jill (after she fell down the hill)
The boys. Paul Bunyan, Jack (after the hill) and the hunter

We just ran errands & FINALLY got our new bedding. I will post it later after we wash it. This is my OOTD, Jeans are Gap & Plaid is one of Dave's from Bass Pro
Saw this at khols, i mean hello, my life.

D & I also went to Hu Hot for date night, but I left my phone in the car so I took zero pics. But it was nice to just focus on him and I with no phones etc.

Yup I did that. STRAIGHT!!!!!!! I RAN SIX MILES WITHOUT STOPPING. eeeeeek!
I cannot believe how far I can push myself
I went grocery shopping & headed to the local organic store and I finally picked up at few Quest Bars. LOVED THIS ONE.
Meal Prep as usual. I made these egg cups for breakfasts for D & I for the week. Plus lots of turkey & buffalo chicken for lettuce wraps.

We also had dinner at his parents house Sunday night!

How was you weekend?
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  1. Mummy competition is the best idea ever!!!! :)

    Also, 6 miles on the treadmill is hard stuff - amazing job!!!!

  2. #hangry is a real problem. also your pose as a deer is amazing. you really nailed the whole "in the headlights" look

  3. I need that hangry shirt in my life.. that is so me! :-P

  4. hehe love your costumes! "Hangry" is my life too :p Looks like a fun weekend!

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)


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