Friday, November 14, 2014

5 For Friday

This whole 4-day week thing, well let's just say I can get used to it! The week seemed to FLY by and I am not hating it. I am so ready for this weekend. I have many fun plans actually planner and I ready to get it started, especially Happy Hour tonight with some frannns.

But with that being said I am giving you my 5 for friday!

1. Hunting Widow. Have you heard that term before? Well basically hunting season is in full swing. Rifle season starts this weekend which mean D will be out with his brothers hunting both Saturday & Sunday morning. They leave at roughly 4:45AM...uh yeah this girl will be rolling right over and falling back asleep. I actually am not going to mind too much because I have lots of cleaning/shopping to do this weekend.

reminder, how cute he is as a hunter. #awwww #imgross&mushy

2. Vests. I NEED ONE, NOW. Stat. all the kinds.



3. My frient Tessa is expecting twin next spring and is having her baby shower tomorrow. I am so excited to go because, i mean come one. How stinkin' cute is it to buy little baby things?

4. It is suppose to snow tomorrow. The weather has been bitter cold the past week. I say, BRING IT ON!

5. Only 5 more school days until  I HAVE AN ENTIRE WEEK OFFFFF! We are going to STL for thanksgiving and I cannot wait :)

Happy friday loves!

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  1. We got some flurries in STL yesterday. Actually had a bit of accumulation on my car this morning. Also...yes to the vests! I just got one like a week ago. LOVE IT.

  2. You get the whole week off for Thanksgiving?! Seriously?? We get 2 days off, and aren't supposed to use our personal day to take Wednesday off... I want a full week off!


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