Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Work-Work-Work It Out

Hey there friends!

Sooo I didn't post yesterday, mostly because the normal weekend recap post would have bored you to tears.

D went camping so I was on my own. I did a lot of shopping. We just got a new 'At Home store' which is like a hobby lobby and bed bath & beyond mix and i LOVE IT!!  Plus a little ulta, tj maxx & hobby lobby shopping.

other than that, it was a lot of gossip girl.
on season two already, obsessed.
hate georgina, love dan & serena. Chuck scares me.

ANYWHOOS I am here to share how my workouts/fitness has been going.

Last week I shared how I meal plan/prep. I have been planning my workouts as well and I wanted to share with you what i've been doing.

One. I plan my workouts ahead. NOT every single machine/exercise just what cardio/muscle group(s) I plan on doing.

I still do cardio first. Mostly because i dislike cardio, and I want to get it over with and I feel that if I do it second I will cheat myself. I do weight training second. I am not expert on weights and lifting and I haven't seen TONS of changes,  but i have seen some and I know it takes time.

I like to lift for one/two specific areas each time.

for example (and this is how my weeks usually look)
Monday- Triceps and Shoulders
Tuesday-Legs, sometimes glutes
Wednesday- Rest (i tutor/work late at school until 6)
Thursday- Back & Biceps
Friday- Glutes/Abs
Saturday- LONG run, no lifting
Sunday- Rest

I do cardio every time I go to the gym. I am really focused on fat burn and getting weight off, which is why I am doing cardio. I usually run, but once a week I mix it up and do the stair mill for 30 minutes.

I have built up my running stamina since January and I usually do about 3.1 without any stops during the week, and then walk at an incline until 3.5. This usually takes me around 38-40 minutes.

On my long run day (saturday mornings) I have been running 5.5 without stopping. EEEEK! can you believe  can run for an hour straight?? because I can't.

I get exercise ideas (for free weights) from instagram. I follow fitness pages, my fave is SHONDA1020. She posts videos that are usually targeted to ONE area of the body. I would check her out for sure.

I would be more than willing to share any free weight exercises that I do if you wanted any idea. I use a lot of the weight machines as well (those take up a bulk of my lifting--I am just now getting into the free weights)

How are your workouts going?! Share with me all your stuffs!!!


  1. That planner is super cute! I love your workout routine. I don't do rest days. I do cardio every single day...even if it's only 1 mile. But on other days I add in weights, abs, etc.

  2. So so so proud of you and your dedication! I wish we could be workout buddies!

  3. ugh i need to motivate myself like you do.

  4. wowza, color me impressed! I definitely huff and puff my way through three miles and that's about the best I've been able to do. :p Running is NOT my thing. :)


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