Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things I fight with my boyfriend about

Now before you get all snoopy, I am not here to aire dirty laundry about our relationship. Somethings, such a real arguments are meant to be private. However, there are just some things, D and I cannot agree upon

The list is as follows but not limited to.

+ How to fold towel.
This is how I do it (the correct way...)

How he does it (The weird way...)

+Brushing your teeth--he uses hot water, I use cold to rinse.

+How loud my voice actually is when we are indoors. Literally when he 'shhhh-s' me I want to throat punch him. I don't though, I promise

+PB2 and Greek Yogurt. I say NOM, he says gross.

+How loud the music should be in the car

+The fact that even though it's 'just chicken & veggies' chinese food is NOT healthy

Haha, well that is the little stuff we disagree about.
anyone else?


  1. hahaha oh man. ok first of all i am a weird one cuz i fold like your boy toy does. patrick and i don't "fight" about much right now - but there is plenty of stuff i do that he picks on me for. ask me this question again once he moves here and we are together way more often! :) miss you!

  2. I fold towels like you!!! However, I rinse my teeth with hot water because according to my dentist it cleans better. :)

  3. Whenever my boyfriend and I get into an argument, he is able to stay cool calm and collected. Meanwhile, I raise my voice, which causes a bigger disturbance. I am constantly being told by everyone to lower my voice. We are just loud people, and people need to learn to embrace it.

  4. Sorry, your way of folding towels is wrong! I agree with D there!

  5. who the eff brushes their teeth with hot water....

  6. My husband does the shhh thing and says "You don't need to be loud..we can hear you" ..also I fold towels wrong :(

  7. Look at those towels.. they're perfect! They belong on the huge wall at Bed, Bath, & Beyond ;-)

    P.S. Totally LOVING the Harry Potter Week on ABC Family... even though I have all the movies I love that the ones on tv show deleted scenes!

  8. How to load a dish washer. I finally convinced my husband that while he might load it, I unload it and the reason I put all the spoons in one compartment, the forks in another, etc. or the salad plates all by each other is for ease of unloading! He finally agreed and now loads the dish washer "my" way. ;)

  9. HA! I'm totally all about your towel foldin' ways - I used to work in a Bed&Breakfast in high school and that's how we were taught to fold 'em!

  10. Haha, this is a good post. I think I fight with him with several of those things. The towel one? I fight with him to even fold them, any way he wants! lol


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