Friday, October 3, 2014

Say what, FRIDAY!


thank god it's friday.
This has been the longest freaking week.

BUT its the weekend. D is headed out for a boys camping trip from tonight til Sunday.

So I get to have a little alone time for the weekend. I am excited to get stuff done and finish unpacking, binge watch netflix.

I am wild. 

Okay so since it's friday I have many things to share.
well okay, not many...just 5.

{1} Joe and Teresa are going to jail. As in for many months. Does anyone think it will stick? Will they actually serve the whole time or even have to go?

{2} Since I said I would be binge watching netflix, that will include Gossip Girl. I know I am late to the party since it went off the air forevs ago, but I am on season 1 episode like 4. D hates it already, but i am in love. NO SPOILERS.

{3} I have a 5.5 miler scheduled for tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. I like running with D next to me because it's like that motivation to keep going, and since he will be gone I will have to find the motivation within... is that too emotional sounding?

{4} These nails.

LOVE the new mani.

{5} This.

& this.


happy friday.
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  1. Love your nails! Luke Bryan was IN KNOXVILLE for Farm Tour Wednesday night and I sadly missed it. I'm disappointed in myself! :( Good luck on your 5.5 miler - that's just so awesome! You are my kinda wild too girl, love me some alone weekends with nothing but Netflix to do!

  2. I love your manicure! I should have came and visited this weekend (girls weekend) lol!!

  3. You will get through GG while D is gone with weekend. Seriously, it's awesome! And I also really like 90120 {don't judge}. ;) Have a great weekend!

  4. I love Gossip Girl- keep us posted as you get further along! I agree with Amy, after you finish Gossip Girl give the new 90210 a chance, it's the same kind of awesome (and unbelievable) teen drama! Enjoy your weekend!


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