Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Start the hallelujah chorus. We made to Friday!

I am so glad because this has been such a long week! I am counting down until 4:00 because then I get to head to happy hour with some teacher frannnnns. Margs & Chips & Queso.


I am ready for sleeping in and gettin out n about this weekend. The weather is suppose to be  gorgeous fall temps. PLUS NO RAIN!!!! FINALLY! It has been so gross and rainy out this week that I am about to go bananas.

Anyways here are a few faves from the week.

This jam.

My new bulletin board for fall outside my classroom

This Crock Pot Recipe. I made it Wednesday. It was SOOO good :)

This cute boy.

cue #grossgush

have a wonderful friday.
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ALSO if anyone knows any pumpin' jams i can add to my workout playlist, lemme know!!I am doing a long run on saturday & I want some new stuff.


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  2. I love the bulletin board outside your classroom. So freakin' cute! I am ready for 4pm, too! Going to the movies with a girlfriend tonight! wooohooo!

  3. Happy Friday gurlie! Enjoy those happy hour dranks and sleeping in :-D

  4. Ahhh, I hear you! I was so worried that the super gross weather would follow us into the weekend, but it's SO beautiful outside! (although rather chilly, brrr - bringing out all the scarves and hats!)


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