Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Happy October first!

Is it really october?? How is this even possible?
BUT I feel like i always say that at the beginning of a new month. Time seems to be flying by, well unless it's after an 11 hour day and you are just plain pooped, then the day feels like it has been dragging.

BUT since Fall is officially in swing of things I guess it's time for a new bucket list. I am always someone who likes to be working toward something else. My boots for example. Keeping those goals in the back of my mind give a little extra motivation. I love having it written out for me to see.

Fall Bucket List

- Carve a Pumpkin

-Have a day off (both D & I) and get out n about and enjoy it (NOT STRESS or school stuff)

-Run at a 6.0 for 2 miles (I am only at 1.5 miles now)

-Increase my shoulder raise weights

-Try 3 new Pinterest Recipes

-Get down one more pant size

- Attend a Halloween Party

-Complete 3 DIY projects

-Go mini golfing (before its gets too cold)

-Drink hot coco and have a night in with D

-Have 2 girls nights (with mas wine)

What are your goals for this fall?


  1. Love the girls night idea with mas wine! Always a good idea :)

  2. Can I be a part of one of those girls nights??? lol. My Fall bucket list:
    1. Take pretty Fall photos
    2. Take family photos for a friend
    3. Read more books/watch less TV
    4. Take Walter for more walks
    5. Visit you???
    6. Increase my workout times


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