Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'3 Day Weekends'- Things that should happen more often

Well, at least it's tuesday.

This past weekend was a wonderful 3 day weekend! I had Friday off because I had conferences all week, thus they were kind enough to let us have Friday off. D took it off and we headed to STL for a jam packed weekend with my parents.

It of course flew by WAY to quickly & getting into bed Sunday night, it was like we had just started the weekend.

Onto the documentation--

We started the weekend right with a fiesta (aka me & dave eating mexican food in sweats on our couch)
wine was obvi needed.

We hit the gym early friday morning, then got grocery shopping done so I could meal prep sunday when we got back. *note the massive candy bag is for my classroom candy box, not us*

We went to Apple Butter Fest in this small town about 45 minutes from my parents house. The town is so small we had to park at the high school and be bussed to where all the tents were. It was basically just a huge festival.
 On the bus to the festival.

D & I enjoying our snow cones :)
Cutsie little town.

Saturday night we went to a little restaurant, called  The Shaved Duck downtown & it was actually on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on Food Network a while back.

It was amazing.

**side note, isn't the back of my shirt, gorg?**

Then after MUCH begging, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dessert :)

Sunday was filled with outlet shopping, where I spent too much monies, but hey retail therapy is needed.

Monday was too rough to post...I was in a 3-day weekend depression.
ONLY 4 days til the weekend and HALLOWEEEEEN!

ayii ayiii!
Happy Tuesday Folks!


  1. Alright, I am back and I missed your beautiful face! Let's be blogging friends again!!! :) :) :)
    P.S. You look GREAT! :)

    Head over to my blog...I may or may not have given you a little shout out :)

  2. LOVE that bow on the back of your shirt... gorgeous!!

    Mexican food, wine, and sweat pants sound amazing... perfect night in :)

  3. The Shaved Duck is pretty much the awesomest name ever. :D Also: LOVE the shirt! I have one with a similar design, but sleeveless. :)


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