Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Bucket List--What Happened?

Well since the first day of fall is a week from today i thought I'd share how my 'bucket list' for summer went down. What happened and what didn't.

You can find the original post here.

My summer bucket list included---

-Going on vacation (duh this shiz is already booked...I am looking for guest posters, if you are interested) --YUP! I went to Galveston, TX with my family and D. I posted all about it here.

-Read at least 5 books--- nope. didn't happen. I only read three.. #fail

-Reach my 30lb lost goal by my birthday (July 13, I am about 7lbs away)This did happen. Not by birthday, but early in August I finally hit the 30 lb mark!

-DIY a new table-scape, a new collage/something above couch---- yeah...This didn't happen either.

- Run 3.5 miles straight without any stops (only .40 to go) YES! I did beat this wayyyy early in the summer. Up until saturday my furthest was 4.0 straight. Then I hit 5.40 this past saturday. I am not running that far/long every time. When i do run, I am hitting about 3.0-3.5 miles. I want to start focusing on speed. I plan on doing 'longer runs' saturday mornings, but during the week I want to be focusing on speed for a while

-Organize my teaching files and get all the at-home things I can do, get done. done & done.

-Clean out & organize my closet YUP! It is actually a bit messy again, & i plan on going through it again at the end of the week!

- Go to a STL Cards game-- womp womp.We never did :(

-Get a professional massage-- Nope.

-Go on at least one float trip Yes we did go on one at the end of july.

While I didn't hit my entire bucket list, I did get a lot done :)

Did you guys have a summer bucket list? Did you get it all in??


  1. You did get a lot done! I didn't have a summer bucket list because I knew finances wouldn't allow me to do much with my surgery I had.

  2. You accomplished a lot! Friends & I had a list of 75 things we wanted to to this summer, we put a big dent in the list but didn't get it all done.

  3. Whoo hoo! You definitely made an amazing dent in this list... but girl get your butt to a baseball game! The season's almost over ;-)

  4. Proud of you for everything you did accomplish!!! :)


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