Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Puppies and Pinterest. The life of a teacher.


I am so glad monday is out of the way. It was cold rainy..and well a Monday. Today should be a much better day.

So my weekend was wonderful. The weather was unbelievable and I had a nap and Chinese, I mean really what more could you want?

Chinese on a cold rainy friday with the manfriend? yep, that's how it goes.
Fridays are evidently for scanning pinterest for lesson ideas!

Saturdays are for being a mother truckin' boss on the treadmill. YEP you read that right!!! I ran 5.50 miles WITHOUT STOPPING AT ALL. I ran over a freakin hour!!!!!! How is that possible, i  do not know!!! Back in Janissary I couldnt' even run 5 minutes without be winded...and now look at that. BOOOOOOOM #beastmode.

Selfie saturday, le duh.

Sundays are for meal prepping. Is anyone interested in a post about how I meal prep. I am not professional but it has helped me out amazingly and I would love to share. ALSO, it doesn't take the much time, but is sooooo worth the time it does take.

lemme know.

ALSO fitting in goal jeans, yup. These bad boys didnt even go over my butt early spring, the not only go up but are totally zipped and comfortable :)))

Dave's brother's dog had puppies a few weeks ago and they are so dannnnng cute & fluffy :) We had dinner over there Sunday evening!

Oh and his niece was there & I am in love.
EEEEK, i cannot get over her and cute she is :)

How was your weekend?
Anyone else glad Monday is over??


  1. I would love to hear about your meal prepping!!!

  2. Meal prepping is the best habit I ever made! And Chinese on a rainy day sounds absolutely perfect!

  3. Those SUNGLASSES are beyond adorable. LOVE em! Also - puppppiessss!!! I want a puppy-dog so bad! (too bad I live in a pet-free apartment, argh)

  4. I would def love for you to do a post on meal prepping! congrats on getting into your goal jeans!

  5. Mmmmmm Chinese food! It's been way too long! And YOU GO GIRL for fitting into your jeans that's awesome news :-D

  6. Check you out! Running for an hour and fitting into your jeans (I can see how the two are related)! I would love to hear about meal prepping!


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