Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meal Planning & Prepping 101

Good Morning Friends!!

So last week I mentioned how I have been meal prepping every Sunday and I asked if anyone was interested, and I got a few of you who wanted to know what I do.

I am no professional, but this has helped me SO much and it's working for me.

So I follow a lot of fitness/health instagrams and I kept seeing people talking about meal prep. I was totally intimidated for a few reasons.

1. It would overtake my whole day
2. It would be expensive
3.I would get bored because I'd be making a larger batch of things to eat all week.

So far none of that has happened.

Yes it does take time, but not an entire Sunday (the day I do it). I think my max time from start to finish was 2 ish hours. I have done it quicker than that by far. The time it takes me to prep for the week it totally worth being on track and really it even out because I am not trying to pack my lunch every night.  I just throw my containers/baggies in my lunch bag,

It isn't too expensive, because I haven't really bought anything i wouldn't normally buy. I have added a few new things/ideas to my list, but nothing crazy.

I don't fix one thing for the entire week. I usually make two types of meals & then alternate. This way I don't get bored. Plus I add toppings to make it a little different.

The first thing I do it meal plan.

I plan out every meal/snack for the whole week. Weekends are usually left open because I'm not always sure what I will doing, BUT i pretty much have toast/eggs every weekend morning and I try to stay on track through the weekend, sometimes I slip. *still a work in progress*

I find meal ideas on pinterest. D & i are trying out new recipes because lately I felt like I was making the same thing all the time.

After I meal plan, I make my grocery list and ONLY GET the stuff for my meals/snack for throughout the week. No extras. This helps me from not grazing because if I have the bad stuff, I will eat it.

I usually grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday before I prep.

How I plan- I only prep for breakfasts/lunches. Dinners I wouldn't say I really prep for unless it's just defrosting meat. The meals I make for dinner are usually pretty quick/don't take tons of time so I don't feel like I need to prep. Plus it's just me & D eating, not an entire family. I could cut some time by cutting veggies ahead of time. But I enjoy doing that (I am weirdo) so I don't prep for dinners.--I still plan them obviously.

For lunches, I think about 2 things. What protein/veggie am I going to have and what can I make for  2-3 servings. I pretty much eat just chicken and turkey for my proteins throughout the week for lunch. Sometimes I throw tuna in there.

I also always prep my sides- so if I am having carrots 3 days that week, I get them in the baggies. Same with crackers. That way I can just grab them. Other veggies that needed to be cooked, get cooked.

Keep it simple, friends.

Many times I take chicken tenders/breasts- grill them on the george foreman or just in a skillet. I put different seasonings on them to switch up the taste for the week.

Then I add veggies. I do broccoli a lot (because I love it) but many times I will roast asparagus and chop up some bell peppers and throw it in a skillet. I also get the Uncle Ben's 90 second rice (which lasts me 2 meals) and heat that up.

Add a fruit/string cheese and you are good to go.

To mix it up with flavors, marinade your chicken. I have used light Italian dressing/made my own--Olive Oil, Garlic, Lemon Juice & pinch of Salt/Pepepr is a good one. Put the chicken in it in the morning, stick it in the fridge, and then cook it up when you prep later.

I just cook it all ahead of time, put it in containers so it's ready for me and I am not scrambling before bed or in the morning (HELLLO SLEEP, duh.)

Here are some pics from food preps I have done.

Main proteins I use

Love Mrs. Dash.

Made chicken meatballs, skinny version of course.

Broccoli, is a major staple
I usually lay out my Tupperware. (Chicken strips& Broccoli plus chicken meatballs and red sauce)
**two of those meatball containers were D's**
This was from a few weeks ago, (chicken breasts and broccoli) But I wanted to show you how I package my carrots ahead of time.

Things I cook/pack
chicken breasts/tenders with various seasonings/marinades
carrots w/ 'ranch dip' (plain greek yoghurt & ranch seasoning packet)
green beans (sauteed in pan/boiled)
peppers/onions (sauteed in skillet)
apple sauce
string cheese
ground turkey/chicken--i make skinny sloppy joe/meatballs
steamer veggies (from freezer section)--HUGE TIME SAVER if you don't have time to cook up fresh.
any kind of fruit-apple/orange/strawberries/clementines/plums/peaches
crackers(I get brown rice crackers from the organic market) with laughing cow
Brown Rice (Uncle Ben's 90 second packets)

Those are just some ideas. I know chicken breasts can get BORRRRING. But adding different flavors to that chicken can change it up but keep it healthy. Look on Pinterest for ideas. I make stir frys with low sodium soy sauce while adding in tons of veggies

Hope this helps. I am still tying new things and figuring it out, but I feel like I have been very successful so if you need any help/questions/ideas for meals let me know! I'd love to help!


  1. I eat mostly salads for lunch with crackers or skinny pop popcorn. My snacks are special K crisps (100 calories and I get my sweets in cause I have that major sweet tooth) or fruit. I don't eat red meat anymore so my dinners are chicken or turkey anyway. I think I'm doing pretty good.

    Thanks for sharing your meal preps!

  2. I love chopping veggies too! One of my favourite things to do without a doubt, I find it soothing to come home after work and chop a bunch of veggies for a stir-fry for supper. I eat a lot of chicken too and do the same as you, using different seasonings to change up the taste each week.


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