Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Confessions


this has been the longest effing week.
im so tired.

Today I am a professional development seminar, so HOLLA for getting to sleep in :)
well okay, only until 7, BUT that is way better than getting up at 5:30, like i have been.

So since it's friday I have confessions, one biggin' and few minis

...we can start with the biggin'--- D & I ARE MOVING IN TOGETHER :))))
we have been moving stuff all week & finishing up this weekend. I am beyond excited :)

...I have been to the gym ONE damn day this week. My eating has been 80 percent good. We have been so busy with moving (which can i count that at workouts?) and been having late hours (as usual) at work & just haven't made it. #excuses

....I CANNOT wait to put out my fall decorations once we get all moved in. I have been burnin my candles like a cray woman, I am going to have to go back to B&BW and get more.

...I am not totally sad that I am not at school today. I am so tired and a break from teaching today is just what I needed. I know I am an awful person.

... I have not watched football at all this year. I think i have caught snippets of bronco games, but baseball is still on, The Cards are in the yeah that is ruling the tv. Not sorry

have a great weekend loves:)
Happy Friday!!


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY for you and D. Now, find me a good Springfield man so I can come visit ALL the time. LOL.

  2. Moving TOTALLY counts as exercise! :) I was so so SORE when I moved this summer. Hauling things is no fun and totally exhausting!


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