Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Wish List

So even though today is not very 'fall-like' outside today (high of 91, gag me) I am craving fall like crazy! I am wanting 60s and jeans with hoodies. We had gorgeous weather this weekend and I am totally ready for that to continue


BUT since its in the 80s today I thought I'd share a few things that I am wishing and needed for fall.

{1} Moccasins

I have always loved moccasins. They are chic and comfortable. I have never seen tall ones like these & I am in love. But the short ones will do just fine :)

{2} Patterned Leggings.
I am late to the party as always, BUT i am loving patterned leggings lately. Are they still in? I have a pair of black and white ones from F21, but I can see some colored ones getting into my closet soon!

{3} Dark polishes

I have many bright and pinky polishes. I need to stock up on darker colors. Deep reds, navys & emeralds.

{4} Fall scented candles.

I mean duh. I am so ready for my apartment to have that apple/pumpkin/Cinnamon scent all over  :)

{5} Navy Bag
My brown one has seen better days. I do have a classic black and a deep red bag, but I have been eying navy bags lately and I am thinking this will be my next purchase!

What are you wanting for fall??


  1. Um, those moccasins!! Where did you find tall ones??? Love them!

  2. You know I'm more than happy with the continuation of warm weather outside, but I am all about fall scented candles and baked goods smelling all good inside!

  3. Love fall scented candles. Have one going right now!

    I need to stock up on dark colored polishes this fall.

  4. Cool weather sounds amazing, because we're still in the triple digits here! Also, I already pulled out the pumpkin candles, and I'm ready to actually be able to turn our Amish fireplace heater on, not just the flames.

  5. Ugh, you can totally have our Chicago weather! It's been FREEZING here for the past two days - like barely hitting 60. Which isn't cold compared to our hellish winters, but is still way to chilly for this early in the year. I want my warm weather back!!!
    ps. I'm totally wanting a pair of mocs, tooo!!!! They've been on my "to-get" list for the past three years. :p


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