Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weird Girl Weird

Is anyone else so GLAD it's wednesday?
I mean tomorrow is friday eve, sooo that is great.

I am just ready for this week to be over. A three day weekend is on the horizon and we have a mix of relaxation and libations in the plans :)

So the other day I realized what a weirdo I am.

HAHAHAHAHAH okay, obviously I didn't just figure that out. But I have discovered that I do a few things that are a bit strange, and I want to put it out there and see if anyone else does these too/have any weird qualities or quirks and we can band together in weirdness

+I sing a long to local radio commercials/jingles of stations around here.

+When washing my face, I am always squeeze my eyes shut and make like a squished angry face. I think I am so afraid that I am going to get 'soap eye' that I over do it

+I turn all my glasses/cups upside down in the cabinets (aka the opening where you drink from is turned down)

+I color code. a lot

+Whenever i find bobby pins, which is all the time..because well...duh. I always inter-lock them.

+My phone is always on vibrate because I am afraid that it will go off at an inopportune time because I forgot to shut it off.

+I alphabetize my DVDs

What weird things do you do?


  1. I alphabetize my DVDs. I have like 600. They HAVE to be alphabetized! My phone is always on silent - not even vibrate - for that very same reason. And, I thought everyone turned glasses upside down in cabinets?? haha. It keeps nasties from getting inside them.

  2. haha I love it! I will have to ask my husband what my weird quirks are - I'm sure he has a huge list!! haha

  3. I'm guilty of #2 and 3 as well! I don't think it's THAT weird! lol

  4. I usually store my glasses upside down as well! But the glasses I have tip sometimes if I do, so I've had to stop :( Not weird at all!

  5. i've always done the same thing with my cups! that way nothing can get into them in the cupboard. duuuh.


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